About Founder

Today Multearts is able to stand as one of the leading talent management organisations as a result of hardwork and strong determination of our CEO and Co-founder , Mrs Veena Puppala. In her professional journey, Mrs Veena has been dedicating herself to nurture students to build up their personal and professional skills as a professional Mind coach, motivational speaker and a passionate Graphologist. Her vision to inspire and asprie students to nurture their true talent and to help them building a beautiful career has brought Multearts into existence. Under her nurturing leadership, Multearts has been growing up exponentially. So far Multearts has been able to achieve a milestone of providing training and career guidance to 10k students and Multearts is reaching out more and more students through different initiatives taken by Mrs Veena.


About Us

'Like a plant needs supplement for its growth, individuals also need nourishment for improving their talents.'

Multearts private limited is a place where young talents are nourished and nurtured to get improved. We are committed to providing every possible assistance to the students to unfold their talent and upskill them. We believe that each child/student is unique with their own talents and skills, and is equally appreciable. Hence, our aim is to create a platform for various kinds of talents and thereby increasing our spectrum to cover more numerous talents and skills. Our talent platform provides different training programs for both technical and non-technical skills.


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Veena Puppala